Registration from abroad for international students

Welcome to Den Bosch! On this page, you will find information on the procedures for registration in the Dutch population register as an international student.


You will need to register within 5 days upon arrival in the Netherlands. Please use the form below for preliminary registration. After you have filled out the form, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to complete the registration.



You have to show a valid passport or European ID card during the appointment. We will let you know what other documents you need to bring, based on the information you provide in the form.


We advise you to request a Dutch DigiD (“digital identity”) after receiving your BSN. With your DigiD you identify yourself when you arrange matters online, such as with the government, educational institutions or healthcare organizations. Please find more information on applying for a DigiD on


Please bear in mind that you will not be automatically deregistered after you have left the Netherlands. When you return to your home country, please deregister by using the form below (DigiD necessary) or by scheduling an appointment. You may do this 4 weeks before leaving, but no later than on the day of your departure.


Further information

For more information, contact the municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch by telephone or WhatsApp +31 73 615 51 55 or send an e-mail using the digital contact form (in English).

Niet gevonden wat je zocht?

Je kunt op verschillende manieren in contact komen met de gemeente ’s-Hertogenbosch.